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Hello, I’m Rob

I am a daydreamer and I’m free. That’s the way I am and the way I want to be.

I like to change. I change my mindset, my life, my dreams, my point of view, especially when I realize that I’m wrong. I’m always changing, because life doesn’t stop for anybody and I don’t like to stand still.

I’m constantly looking for my own way to look at the world, so my style might not be for everyone. I’m curious, I love to learn from people I meet and to give them something back.

I came to photography by “chance”, like so many wonderful things that “just happen”. The need to express myself has led me to study photography, and as I come to explore it more deeply I’ve also discovered myself.


I’m in love with life, so I support love.
I like to travel around the world – every place I go I find and leave a little piece of myself.
I adore my family, especially my little niece.
I’m addicted to listening to music, writing and reading books on rainy days.
I’m crazy for Star Wars movies.
I can’t live without pizza.

I’m based in Germany, Berlin. I available for Destination Wedding photography and worldwide travel.