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One + One

Being a photographer means to live a never ending challenge and the only way a person can do that is accepting to live uncomfortably and to challenge yourself everyday to stay creative. I’m a daydreamer but I’m also a doer, probably because I’m on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, so I really believe that all of us can dream and challenge ourselves in taking the next step in our own paths. Here you can’t find secrets or shortcuts to do that and I have no special talents, I’m just Rob but I’ll be happy to share all I know with you.


// one + one = Skype call or Google Hangout.
// up to 2 hours (I speak English and Italian).
// no topic is off limit

400 €

* Note: you will get 20% off for the next order on my shop.

BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE: Info@RobWorkshop.com