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Life changes fast. Life is what I was chasing when I decided to change everything that was my reality into what I used to call a dream. Today I know that every dream is made of hard work, so we should never downgrade our dreams to match our realities,

but change ourselves into the hardest workers we can be to fulfil our visions.

The more I travel, the more I see and the more I feel I'm part of something we all call humanity. Are you ready to see beauty even when it’s not pretty at all? I seriously started asking myself this question in January 2018, when I was hitting 40 years old, sleeping on the ground of a house made of wood and sheetmetal in Cambodia (you can see more about this trip: Cambodia 2018).

Life has changed a lot in the last few years. I can hardly believe I'm living here in another country – I currently live in Berlin, Germany – and working on “things” I never ever imagined I'd be involved in! I've got more than I need, maybe more than I tought i deserved, and now I feel it’s time to start giving something back! This is why I chose to be a partner of an NGO (Non-governmental organization) to support those who know how and what to do to really help others! I couldn’t be more proud to announce that Roberto Panciatici Photography iS now a partner of EMERGENCY, an Italian Association that helps people all around the world!

EMERGENCY was founded in Italy, in 1994, and since 2015 they have been part of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) as an Associate in Special Consultative Status. Since January 2018 they also have been official partner of European Civil Protection and Humanitaria Office – ECHO.

Life speaks to us in so many different ways, but we have only two options when it happens: to listen, or not. I decided to start listening, and it motivated me to turn thoughts into actions. Photography must serve a purpose, and this is the purpose I chose to serve. When you feel to be truly blessed as I do, you start to wish exactly the same thing for others as well. I don’t know where this path will lead me, but I believe people deserve a chance to fly! Every kid should have at least a chance to fulfil his/her own dreams and to live not just a life, but a life worth living. That’s why I decided to put a little spotlight on people who want to fly, and I would love to have partners in this thing!

- FOR Every WEDDING I PHOTOGRAPH I will devolve a % to SUPPORT a specific Social ProjecT

- FOR Every WORKSHOP I DO I will devolve a % to support a specific Social ProjecT