May 17, 2018

Berlin is a theme park

There's a thing about my work that I definitely love and it's the chance to take pictures and have fun with friends and colleagues! We had soooo many funny moments all together playing around Berlin! I'm also very proud when I can take portraits of other photographers and Roberto is really a cool photographer as well and I highly recommend you to connect with his work: Roberto Coppola Photography Hope you love the memories we have created all together playing in the city and I must say that Berlin is a theme park and I really love to play!  

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November 2, 2017

Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of 2017, here I am!

It’s a huge honor to have the chance to write this blog post, especially because this is not a blog post about being an award winner in an international competition, it’s a blog about gratitude, and about changing, and about promises. Being nominated as one of the Rangefinder’s 30 rising stars is something to be proud of, no doubt about it, but the most important thing about this result is definitely the story behind how I got here. I remember perfectly how different my life was a few years ago. I remember the Bank where I used to work and that I used to earn good money. I remember living with a girlfriend and a dog, but most importantl ...

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October 16, 2017

Mallorca, the island where dreams come true

Mallorca is an awesome place to get married, and the Cap Rocat Hotel is one of the most incredible place I've ever seen - I couldn't recommend it enough -, but this blog post is not about Mallorca or the Cap Rocat, it's about a dream of two incredible guys, Rio and Russel! Rock'n'roll!!!   Event Planning: Island weddings Mallorca Wedding Dress by: Galia Lahav Wedding venue: Cap Rocat Hotel   Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my blog. Thank you!     Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my blog. Thank you!  

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