August 21, 2016

Wedding in the heart of the Tuscan countryside | Charlie + Andy

This place in the heart of the Tuscan countryside is one of my favorite places on planet earth, The Lazy Olive (Podere Finerri). Really, it's not a joke! I've been here so many times (you can find other weddings on my blog, like the one of Mariela and Saeed), but anytime I go to The Lazy Olive I feel an unique sense of peace, and the same warm and familiar dedicated attentions from the owners, and I truly love it! For the first time, I'm trying a different new approach on my blog! All the pictures here are in 16:9 - probably because I started to love to making videos and here you can find my YouTube Channel called JustRobChannel (Don't worry ...

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July 5, 2016

French Wedding Photography | Anniversary in Alps, France

This destination wedding in Alps, France is about two specific keywords: chance and #RoboMagiko. Why "chance"? Because at the beginning, we supposed to take pictures in Ginevra, Switzerland, but our Airbnb was just a few kilometers outside the border, so we stayed in France and we decided all together to get lost somewhere in the Alps and to take pictures. That was the beginning of our adventure, then we created the hashtag #RoboMagiko to share our things on the Social Media and... boom! If you want to know more on the #RoboMagiko trips or join us, just click here! Location: Mont Blanc, France If you want you can SUBSCRIBE to my blog. Than ...

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June 12, 2016

Elopement in Japan, Kyoto

This blog post isn’t just about working as a destination wedding photographer in Japan, it’s about an experience. I’m super honored to have met this couple who lives on the other side of the world. We spent a week together and it was full of memories that I will remember for a long, long time. I went to Japan with only two cameras and two lenses because I injured my back the day before my flight was leaving to Osaka, and I wasn’t strong enough to carry on a backpack full of things. I was scared. Really scared. But, as often happens, life loves to give you new challenges, new chances to grow up. My challenge was to be ready to fail, to delu ...

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